ICLR 2017

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Open Review FAQ

What does it mean to have a strict deadline when I can revise my paper later on?

By the submission deadline, authors have to have submitted their paper, which includes providing information about each author and uploading the paper. This is useful to TPMS to assign relevant reviewers to papers. As soon as the paper is uploaded in OpenReview, anybody will be able to read and comment on papers. Anytime after submission, authors can revise their paper as many times as needed, it could be to add better results, or in response to comments, etc.
Authors are strongly encouraged not to wait until the deadline to submit their paper.

Which version of the paper will reviewers read?

Once paper-reviewer assignments are completed (shortly after the deadline), reviewers will download the latest version available (although anybody can read any previous version too).
Reviewers and Area Chairs will receive automatic notifications whenever a new revision is uploaded.

For other questions and issues, please email the conference organizers at iclr2018.programchairs@gmail.com