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ICLR Press Accreditation

The International Conference on Learning Representations “ICLR” program must be satisfied that the individuals applying for accreditation are professional journalists and represent bona fide media organizations. ICLR reserves the right to deny or withdraw accreditation of journalists from media organizations who abuse the privileges so extended or put the accreditation to improper use or act in a way not consistent with the principles of the Organization.

Who is eligible for media accreditation?

Media accreditation is strictly reserved for members of the press who represent a bona fide media organization. Applicants must show they are a professional member of the press with a proven track record of reporting for bona fide media. Media accreditation is not accorded to the information outlets or advocacy publications of non-governmental organizations.

What must I do to become accredited at ICLR meetings?

You must apply for accreditation (see see link above).  If you have any additional questions you may email by contacting: ICLR-press@googlegroups.com

To accredit online, what information do I need before I start?

In order to start the process, you will need the following information. All information must be provided as it appears in the passport or other official photo identification document which the participant intends to present at the registration desk.

  • Complete name (as it appears in the passport or other official photo identification)
  • Photo of passport on phone or other photo identification number (national ID card, driver’s license, etc.) Please do not send copies of your passport, national ID, visa or other personal identification by email.
  • E-mail address
  • Name of organization
  • Organization Website
  • We may be ask you to submit additional materials that demonstrate a track record of reporting, in line with the ICLR criteria.

What do you do with this information?

The names and information entered are for purposes of identification and verification only and will not be published for general access. This information will be retained in the system for reference, unless a written request to remove it is received.

What do you mean by “additional materials”? What is required?

If you are asked to submit additional materials, the materials detailed below may be requested. Please note submitted work samples must demonstrate active engagement in covering the activities of AI research. Samples must be unaltered clippings or media products of the bona fide organization with bylines of the individual requesting accreditation.


  • Print media representatives may be required to submit two bylined articles published within the past month and a copy of the publication. These may be scanned PDF files or links to the article online.
  • Radio and TV media representatives may be asked to submit two recordings of reports broadcast within the past month.
  • Photographers may be required to submit original tear sheets or photos with credits of the issuing organization. It is also possible to provide links to photos online, as long as the photo attribution is clearly that of the applicant.
  • Online media may include news outlets, blogs, vlogs and others.
    • The website must belong to a recognized media organization and have a specific, verifiable street address and a telephone number.
    • Outlets should have been in continuous operation for at least six months and reach at least 20,000 visitors per month.
    • The website must have at least 60% original news content or commentary or analysis, including coverage of climate change. Websites that only aggregate syndicated web content from other sources and do not feature original content will not be accredited.
    • Media representatives are required to submit two by-lined articles within the past month that were posted on the website.
    • The website must be updated at a minimum of three times a week.

Please note there is a Zero Tolerance Policy for plagiarism. Applications submitted with plagiarized work will be immediately declined.

How soon will I know whether I’m accredited?

Every effort will be made to issue the accreditation as soon as possible.
Applications are considered on a case-by-case basis and the decisions are final.

Do I have to tell you what days I will attend or is the accreditation for the entire conference?

When granted, accreditation covers the duration of the conference.

I would like to register as an attendee and also have press accreditation. Is this possible?

No. Double registration is not allowed. If you are already registered as an attendee or sponsor, your application for press accreditation will not be granted.

I'm a freelance journalist. Can I get accreditation?

Freelance journalists are subject to the same requirements for accreditation and must complete the full process. Freelance journalists, including photographers, must provide clear evidence they are on assignment from a specific news organization or publication. A valid assignment letter from that news organization, or publication, is required. Photographic agencies must provide clear evidence from a client news organization or publication. You must also submit the other required documents for accreditation.

What about press accreditation for blogs?

We are endeavoring to take on board the new forms of information dissemination and social networking that have evolved. Accreditation of bloggers for ICLR meetings will be done on a case-by-case basis and criteria currently applied to online media will be applied

And what about grass roots/community/citizen journalism from a non-profit independent online media group?

An organization that welcomes citizen journalists and has no apparent editorial board oversight would not be eligible for accreditation

What happens if I have to replace someone already accredited from my organization?

We are aware that assignments can change at short notice. Please communicate changes in staff as soon as they are known. The applicant will have to complete the same process, but as long as they have the required valid materials, there is usually little delay in processing.

My accreditation was approved, now what?

Once you have received confirmation of your accreditation, you will be registered for the conference. Print out the confirmation and bring it with you to the conference. Bringing the printout will speed up your registration process. You may collect your badge on-site at the registration desk at the conference venue. You must present the same valid photo ID as used in your profile. Bringing the printout of your confirmation will speed up your registration process.

Where am I allowed to go?

All accredited press have access to the media centre, press conference room(s), exhibit areas, side events, open plenary sessions and any public areas in the conference venue. Specific information on media arrangements at conferences is provided through Notes to Correspondents. These are issued at individual meetings, and reflect arrangements as they apply to a given venue and/or set of circumstances. All accredited press accessing the conference premises must pass through security screening, including those with equipment.


The ICLR General Chair reserves the right to deny or withdraw accreditation for activities that violate the principles of the Code of Conduct and or/ethics of journalism and/or ICLR. At any time, the ICLR General Chair may revoke accreditation if it is put to improper use; if it has been used to abuse the privileges so extended; or if personal or public conduct is not consistent with the best interest of the organization. The press pass must not be loaned to another person; ICLR will confiscate any pass in the possession of any individual to whom it was not issued.

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