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Representation Learning to Rich AI Services in NAVER and LINE

Sponsor: NAVER | LINE

Sung Kim (Clova AI)

Sung Kim (Clova AI)


Recent advancement of deep representation learning in natural language processing, computer vision, and audio signal processing has allowed users to get benefits from various practical AI-enhanced services such as AI speakers and home appliances. NAVER and LINE also have focused on research on representation learning from giant-scale rich media data to provide users with practical values via our online content services and AI assistant platform (Clova). In this talk, we introduce our representation learning research on diverse computer vision, NLP, and audio signal modeling topics and their applications including interesting demonstration and three cases of our research work in depth, which will be presented at the regular session in ICLR 2019. This talk will be mainly presented by Sung Kim, the Head of Clova AI, for about 80 minutes.