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ICLR2014 has two publication tracks:

Conference Track: These papers are reviewed as standard conference papers. Papers should be between 6-9 pages in length. Accepted papers will be presented at the main conference as either an oral or poster presentation and will be included in the official ICLR2014 proceedings. 
A subset of accepted conference track papers will be selected to participate in a JMLR special topics issue on the subject of Representation Learning. Authors of the selected papers will be given an opportunity to extend their original submissions with supplementary material.

Workshop Track: Papers submitted to this track are ideally 2-3 pages long and describe late-breaking developments. This track is meant to carry on the tradition of the former Snowbird Learning Workshop. These papers are considered as workshop papers (and can be published elsewhere). They will be lightly reviewed by ICLR reviewers.

ICLR2014 Submission Instructions:

1. Authors should post their submissions (both conference and workshop tracks) on arXiv:
2. Once the arXiv paper is publicly visible (there can be an approx. 30 hour delay), authors should go to the openreview ICLR2014 website: to submit to either the conference track or the workshop track.
To register on the openreview ICLR2014 website, the submitting author requires a google account.

Both tracks will use either the NIPS paper format (style files available here) or the ICML paper format (style files available here). 
Submission deadlines: For initial arXiv submission -- December 20th 2013, for submission -- December 26th 2013.

i. Regarding the conference submission's 6-9 page limits, these are really meant as guidelines and will not be strictly enforced. For example, figures should not be shrunk to illegible size to fit within the page limit. However, in order to ensure a reasonable workload for our reviewers, papers that go beyond the 9 pages should be formatted to include a 9 page submission and a separate supplementary material submission that will be optionally reviewed. If the paper is selected for the JMLR special topic issue, this supplementary material can be incorporated into the final journal version.
ii. Workshop track submissions should be formatted as a short paper, with introduction, problem statement, brief explanation of solution, figure(s) and references. They should not merely be abstracts.
iii. Paper revisions will be permitted in response to reviewer comments (see Publication Model and the "Open Reviewing Paradigm" section of the Call for Papers).