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Mon 1:00 A Unified Approach to Interpreting and Boosting Adversarial Transferability
Xin Wang · Jie Ren · Shuyun Lin · Xiangming Zhu · Yisen Wang · Quanshi Zhang
Mon 5:45 Contrastive Divergence Learning is a Time Reversal Adversarial Game
Omer Yair · Tomer Michaeli
Mon 9:00 Learning with AMIGo: Adversarially Motivated Intrinsic Goals
Andres Campero · Roberta Raileanu · Heinrich Kuttler · Joshua B Tenenbaum · Tim Rocktaeschel · Ed Grefenstette
Mon 17:00 Online Adversarial Purification based on Self-supervised Learning
Changhao Shi · Chester Holtz · Gal Mishne
Mon 17:00 Robust Reinforcement Learning on State Observations with Learned Optimal Adversary
Huan Zhang · Hongge Chen · Duane S Boning · Cho-Jui Hsieh
Mon 17:00 On Fast Adversarial Robustness Adaptation in Model-Agnostic Meta-Learning
Ren Wang · Kaidi Xu · Sijia Liu · Pin-Yu Chen · Tsui-Wei Weng · Chuang Gan · Meng Wang
Mon 17:00 Unlearnable Examples: Making Personal Data Unexploitable
Hanxun Huang · Xingjun Ma · Sarah Erfani · James Bailey · Yisen Wang
Tue 1:00 Policy-Driven Attack: Learning to Query for Hard-label Black-box Adversarial Examples
Ziang Yan · Yiwen Guo · Jian Liang · Changshui Zhang
Tue 17:00 Generating Adversarial Computer Programs using Optimized Obfuscations
Shashank Srikant · Sijia Liu · Tamara Mitrovska · Shiyu Chang · Quanfu Fan · Gaoyuan Zhang · Una-May O'Reilly
Wed 1:00 DICE: Diversity in Deep Ensembles via Conditional Redundancy Adversarial Estimation
Alexandre Rame · MATTHIEU CORD
Wed 9:00 Modeling the Second Player in Distributionally Robust Optimization
Paul Michel · Tatsunori Hashimoto · Graham Neubig
Wed 9:00 Provably robust classification of adversarial examples with detection
Fatemeh Sheikholeslami · Ali Lotfi · Zico Kolter