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Thu 9:00 Meta-Learning of Structured Task Distributions in Humans and Machines
Sreejan Kumar · Ishita Dasgupta · Jonathan Cohen · Nathaniel Daw · Thomas L Griffiths
Mon 1:00 Rapid Neural Architecture Search by Learning to Generate Graphs from Datasets
Hayeon Lee · Eunyoung Hyung · Sung Ju Hwang
Mon 1:00 Randomized Ensembled Double Q-Learning: Learning Fast Without a Model
Xinyue Chen · Che Wang · Zijian Zhou · Keith Ross
Wed 1:00 New Bounds For Distributed Mean Estimation and Variance Reduction
Peter Davies · Vijaykrishna Gurunathan · Niusha Moshrefi · Saleh Ashkboos · Dan Alistarh
Invited Talk
Mon 8:00 Moving beyond the fairness rhetoric in machine learning
Timnit Gebru
Tue 9:00 Large Associative Memory Problem in Neurobiology and Machine Learning
Dmitry Krotov · John J Hopfield
Wed 12:00 Women in Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning (WinAIML)
Thu 17:00 Neural representation and generation for RNA secondary structures
Zichao Yan · William Hamilton · Mathieu Blanchette
Tue 17:00 Information Laundering for Model Privacy
Xinran Wang · Yu Xiang · Jun Gao · Jie Ding
Mon 9:00 Shapley Explanation Networks
Rui Wang · Xiaoqian Wang · David Inouye
Mon 1:00 Isometric Transformation Invariant and Equivariant Graph Convolutional Networks
Masanobu Horie · Naoki Morita · Toshiaki Hishinuma · Yu Ihara · Naoto Mitsume
Wed 17:00 Meta Back-Translation
Hieu Pham · Xinyi Wang · Yiming Yang · Graham Neubig