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Mon 1:00 PSTNet: Point Spatio-Temporal Convolution on Point Cloud Sequences
Hehe Fan · Xin Yu · Yuhang Ding · Yi Yang · Mohan Kankanhalli
Mon 9:00 Seq2Tens: An Efficient Representation of Sequences by Low-Rank Tensor Projections
Csaba Toth · Patric Bonnier · Harald Oberhauser
Mon 17:00 Incorporating Symmetry into Deep Dynamics Models for Improved Generalization
Rui Wang · Robin Walters · Rose Yu
Mon 17:00 DeLighT: Deep and Light-weight Transformer
Sachin Mehta · Marjan Ghazvininejad · Srini Iyer · Luke Zettlemoyer · Hannaneh Hajishirzi
Tue 1:00 What they do when in doubt: a study of inductive biases in seq2seq learners
Kharitonov Eugene · Rahma Chaabouni
Wed 1:00 Differentiable Segmentation of Sequences
Erik Scharwächter · Jonathan Lennartz · Emmanuel Müller
Wed 1:00 Dance Revolution: Long-Term Dance Generation with Music via Curriculum Learning
Ruozi Huang · Huang Hu · Wei Wu · Kei Sawada · Mi Zhang · Daxin Jiang
Wed 17:00 Deep Encoder, Shallow Decoder: Reevaluating Non-autoregressive Machine Translation
Jungo Kasai · Nikolaos Pappas · Hao Peng · James Cross · Noah Smith
Thu 9:00 Learning to Recombine and Resample Data For Compositional Generalization
Ekin Akyürek · Afra Feyza Akyürek · Jacob Andreas