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Tue 18:30 A Unified Wasserstein Distributional Robustness Framework for Adversarial Training
Anh Bui · Trung Le · Quan Tran · He Zhao · Dinh Phung
Fri 5:52 Emergent communication in human-machine games
Nicolo Brandizzi · Luca Iocchi
Mon 10:30 Illiterate DALL-E Learns to Compose
Gautam Singh · Fei Deng · Sungjin Ahn
Thu 18:30 Parallel Training of GRU Networks with a Multi-Grid Solver for Long Sequences
Gordon Euhyun Moon · Eric Cyr
Thu 4:00 Machine learning benefits for developing nations
Natnael Mamuye Tachbele · Belachew Alemayehu
Incentivizing Empirical Science in Machine Learning: Problems and Proposals
Preetum Nakkiran · Misha Belkin
Tue 10:30 Fairness Guarantees under Demographic Shift
Stephen Giguere · Blossom Metevier · Bruno Silva · Yuriy Brun · Philip Thomas · Scott Niekum
Oral Session
Wed 9:00 Oral 3: Learning from distribution shift
Invited Talk
Tue 17:00 ‘Affordances’ for Machine Learning
Jenny Davis
Rethinking Streaming Machine Learning Evaluation
Shreya Shankar · Bernease Herman · Aditya Parameswaran
Fri 8:45 RipsNet: a general architecture for fast and robust estimation of the persistent homology of point clouds
Thibault de Surrel · Felix Hensel · Mathieu Carrière · Théo Lacombe · Yuichi Ike · Hiroaki Kurihara · Marc Glisse · Frederic Chazal
Tue 2:15 Variational Inference for Discriminative Learning with Generative Modeling of Feature Incompletion
Kohei Miyaguchi · Takayuki Katsuki · Akira Koseki · Toshiya Iwamori