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Mon 10:30 Vision-Based Manipulators Need to Also See from Their Hands
Kyle Hsu · Moo Kim · Rafael Rafailov · Jiajun Wu · Chelsea Finn
Thu 10:30 DiffSkill: Skill Abstraction from Differentiable Physics for Deformable Object Manipulations with Tools
Xingyu Lin · Zhiao Huang · Yunzhu Li · Joshua B Tenenbaum · David Held · Chuang Gan
Deep Sequenced Linear Dynamical Systems for Manipulation Policy Learning
Mohammad Nomaan Qureshi · Ben Eisner · David Held
Silver-Bullet-3D at ManiSkill 2021: Learning-from-Demonstrations and Heuristic Rule-based Methods for Object Manipulation
Yingwei Pan · Yehao Li · Yiheng Zhang · Qi Cai · Fuchen Long · Zhaofan Qiu · Ting Yao · Tao Mei
Know Thyself: Transferable Visual Control Policies Through Robot-Awareness
Edward Hu · Kun Huang · Oleh Rybkin · Dinesh Jayaraman
Wed 10:30 Contact Points Discovery for Soft-Body Manipulations with Differentiable Physics
Sizhe Li · Zhiao Huang · Tao Du · Hao Su · Joshua B Tenenbaum · Chuang Gan
Fri 13:10 Invited Talk (Shuran Song): Iterative Residual Policy for Generalizable Dynamic Manipulation of Deformable Objects
Shuran Song
Mon 18:30 VAT-Mart: Learning Visual Action Trajectory Proposals for Manipulating 3D ARTiculated Objects
Ruihai Wu · Yan Zhao · Kaichun Mo · Zizheng Guo · Yian Wang · Tianhao Wu · Qingnan Fan · Xuelin Chen · Leonidas Guibas · Hao Dong
Fri 14:25 Tradeoffs in Preventing Manipulation in Paper Bidding for Reviewer Assignment
Steven Jecmen · Nihar Shah · Fei Fang · Vincent Conitzer
Fri 15:10 Invited Talk (Xiaolong Wang): Generalizing Dexterous Manipulation by Learning from Humans
Xiaolong Wang
Mon 18:30 Do Not Escape From the Manifold: Discovering the Local Coordinates on the Latent Space of GANs
Jaewoong Choi · Junho Lee · Changyeon Yoon · Jung Ho Park · Geonho Hwang · Myungjoo Kang
Learning Category-Level Generalizable Object Manipulation Policy via Generative Adversarial Self-Imitation Learning from Demonstrations
Hao Shen · Weikang Wan · He Wang