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Tue 18:30 Knowledge Removal in Sampling-based Bayesian Inference
Shaopeng Fu · Fengxiang He · Dacheng Tao
Tue 18:30 When Can We Learn General-Sum Markov Games with a Large Number of Players Sample-Efficiently?
Ziang Song · Song Mei · Yu Bai
Mon 10:30 THOMAS: Trajectory Heatmap Output with learned Multi-Agent Sampling
Thomas Gilles · Stefano Sabatini · Dzmitry Tsishkou · Bogdan Stanciulescu · Fabien Moutarde
Wed 10:30 Sample Efficient Deep Reinforcement Learning via Uncertainty Estimation
Vincent Mai · Kaustubh Mani · Liam Paull
Mon 2:30 Learning to Generalize across Domains on Single Test Samples
Zehao Xiao · Xiantong Zhen · Ling Shao · Cees G Snoek
Tue 18:30 How Does SimSiam Avoid Collapse Without Negative Samples? A Unified Understanding with Self-supervised Contrastive Learning
Chaoning Zhang · Kang Zhang · Chenshuang Zhang · Trung X. Pham · Chang Yoo · In Kweon
Tue 18:30 Sampling with Mirrored Stein Operators
Jiaxin Shi · Chang Liu · Lester Mackey
Thu 18:30 Denoising Likelihood Score Matching for Conditional Score-based Data Generation
Chen-Hao Chao · Wei-Fang Sun · Bo-Wun Cheng · Yi-Chen Lo · Chia-Che Chang · Yu-Lun Liu · Yu-Lin Chang · Chia-Ping Chen · Chun-Yi Lee
Wed 10:30 Heteroscedastic Temporal Variational Autoencoder For Irregularly Sampled Time Series
Satya Narayan Shukla · Benjamin M Marlin
Thu 1:00 Diffusion-Based Voice Conversion with Fast Maximum Likelihood Sampling Scheme
Vadim Popov · Ivan Vovk · Vladimir Gogoryan · Tasnima Sadekova · Mikhail Kudinov · Jiansheng Wei
Thu 18:30 Sample Efficient Stochastic Policy Extragradient Algorithm for Zero-Sum Markov Game
Ziyi Chen · Shaocong Ma · Yi Zhou
Thu 10:30 Sample Selection with Uncertainty of Losses for Learning with Noisy Labels
Xiaobo Xia · Tongliang Liu · Bo Han · Mingming Gong · Jun Yu · Gang Niu · Masashi Sugiyama