From Inference to Generation: End-to-end Fully Self-supervised Generation of Human Face from Speech

Hyeong-Seok Choi, Changdae Park, Kyogu Lee

Keywords: generation, multi modal learning, self supervised learning

Abstract: This work seeks the possibility of generating the human face from voice solely based on the audio-visual data without any human-labeled annotations. To this end, we propose a multi-modal learning framework that links the inference stage and generation stage. First, the inference networks are trained to match the speaker identity between the two different modalities. Then the pre-trained inference networks cooperate with the generation network by giving conditional information about the voice. The proposed method exploits the recent development of GANs techniques and generates the human face directly from the speech waveform making our system fully end-to-end. We analyze the extent to which the network can naturally disentangle two latent factors that contribute to the generation of a face image one that comes directly from a speech signal and the other that is not related to it and explore whether the network can learn to generate natural human face image distribution by modeling these factors. Experimental results show that the proposed network can not only match the relationship between the human face and speech, but can also generate the high-quality human face sample conditioned on its speech. Finally, the correlation between the generated face and the corresponding speech is quantitatively measured to analyze the relationship between the two modalities.

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