Deep Batch Active Learning by Diverse, Uncertain Gradient Lower Bounds

Jordan T. Ash, Chicheng Zhang, Akshay Krishnamurthy, John Langford, Alekh Agarwal

Keywords: active learning, uncertainty

Wednesday: Optimisation I

Abstract: We design a new algorithm for batch active learning with deep neural network models. Our algorithm, Batch Active learning by Diverse Gradient Embeddings (BADGE), samples groups of points that are disparate and high-magnitude when represented in a hallucinated gradient space, a strategy designed to incorporate both predictive uncertainty and sample diversity into every selected batch. Crucially, BADGE trades off between diversity and uncertainty without requiring any hand-tuned hyperparameters. While other approaches sometimes succeed for particular batch sizes or architectures, BADGE consistently performs as well or better, making it a useful option for real world active learning problems.

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