AI for Affordable Healthcare

Alison O'Neil · Aneta Lisowska · Tewodros Bekele · Ashenafi Gutema · Emanuele Trucco

Description: Healthcare is under significant pressure: costs are rising, populations are aging, lifestyles are becoming more sedentary, and critically we lack experts to meet the rising demand. In addition, in under-developed countries healthcare quality remains limited. Meanwhile, AI has shown great promise for healthcare applications, and the digitisation of data and use of electronic health records is becoming more widespread. AI could play a key role in enabling, democratising and upholding high standards of healthcare worldwide, assisting health professionals to make decisions faster, more accurately and more consistently.

However, so far, the adoption of AI in real-world healthcare applications has been slow relative to that in domains such as autonomous driving. In this workshop, we aim to highlight recent advances and the potential opportunities, via a series of talks and panel discussion. We are supported by local institutes in Ethiopia, which besides being the ICLR host country, is a prime example of a country that potentially stands to gain much from the application of AI to healthcare. We invite technical papers and white papers addressing challenges which are important to the real-world deployment of AI in healthcare.