Computer Vision for Agriculture (CV4A)

Yannis Kalantidis · Laura Sevilla · Ernest Mwebaze · David Guerena · Hamed Alemohammad · Dina Machuve

Description: Artificial intelligence has invaded the agriculture field during the last few years. From automatic crop monitoring via drones, smart agricultural equipment, food security and camera-powered apps assisting farmers to satellite image based global crop disease prediction and tracking, computer vision has been a ubiquitous tool. This workshop aims to expose the fascinating progress and unsolved problems of computational agriculture to the AI research community. It is jointly organized by AI and computational agriculture researchers and has the support of CGIAR, a global partnership that unites international organizations engaged in agricultural research. The workshop, will feature invited talks, panels and discussions on gender and agriculture in the digital era and AI for food security. It will also host and fund two open, large-scale competitions with prizes as well as a prototyping session.