ICLR 2017

Review Awards

This year, the ICLR program chairs decided to reward the reviewers who had written reviews (with their follow up discussion) that the area chairs found particularly useful and of high quality. We congratulate the recipients:

  • Pulkit Agrawal
  • Albert S. Berahas
  • James Bergstra
  • Taco Cohen
  • Ross Girshick
  • Frank Hutter
  • Brian Kingsbury
  • James Kwok
  • Christoph Lassner
  • Behnam Neyshabur
  • Edouard Oyallon
  • Vignesh Ramanathan
  • Andrew Saxe
  • Jost Tobias Springenberg
  • Amos Storkey

The recipients were rewarded with a 100$ gift.

Several of the reviewers also agreed that we explicitly list the reviews for which they were given their Review Award. They are provided below, in randomized order:

We hope that this may serve as inspiration for other reviewers who might want to improve their ability to write reviews (and what better way of learning than from examples… though be mindful of not overfitting to this small data set).