Mixed-Features Vectors and Subspace Splitting

Alejandro Pimentel-Alarcón · Daniel L Pimentel-Alarcón

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Wed 5 May 5 p.m. PDT — 7 p.m. PDT


Motivated by metagenomics, recommender systems, dictionary learning, and related problems, this paper introduces subspace splitting(SS): the task of clustering the entries of what we call amixed-features vector, that is, a vector whose subsets of coordinates agree with a collection of subspaces. We derive precise identifiability conditions under which SS is well-posed, thus providing the first fundamental theory for this problem. We also propose the first three practical SS algorithms, each with advantages and disadvantages: a random sampling method , a projection-based greedy heuristic , and an alternating Lloyd-type algorithm ; all allow noise, outliers, and missing data. Our extensive experiments outline the performance of our algorithms, and in lack of other SS algorithms, for reference we compare against methods for tightly related problems, like robust matched subspace detection and maximum feasible subsystem, which are special simpler cases of SS.

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