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Meta-learning Symmetries by Reparameterization

Allan Zhou · Tom Knowles · Chelsea Finn

Keywords: [ symmetry ] [ meta-learning ] [ convolution ] [ equivariance ]


Many successful deep learning architectures are equivariant to certain transformations in order to conserve parameters and improve generalization: most famously, convolution layers are equivariant to shifts of the input. This approach only works when practitioners know the symmetries of the task and can manually construct an architecture with the corresponding equivariances. Our goal is an approach for learning equivariances from data, without needing to design custom task-specific architectures. We present a method for learning and encoding equivariances into networks by learning corresponding parameter sharing patterns from data. Our method can provably represent equivariance-inducing parameter sharing for any finite group of symmetry transformations. Our experiments suggest that it can automatically learn to encode equivariances to common transformations used in image processing tasks.

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