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Efficient Certified Defenses Against Patch Attacks on Image Classifiers

Jan Hendrik Metzen · Maksym Yatsura


Keywords: [ aversarial examples ] [ adversarial patch ] [ certified defense ] [ robustness ]


Adversarial patches pose a realistic threat model for physical world attacks on autonomous systems via their perception component. Autonomous systems in safety-critical domains such as automated driving should thus contain a fail-safe fallback component that combines certifiable robustness against patches with efficient inference while maintaining high performance on clean inputs. We propose BagCert, a novel combination of model architecture and certification procedure that allows efficient certification. We derive a loss that enables end-to-end optimization of certified robustness against patches of different sizes and locations. On CIFAR10, BagCert certifies 10.000 examples in 43 seconds on a single GPU and obtains 86% clean and 60% certified accuracy against 5x5 patches.

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