Deep Neural Tangent Kernel and Laplace Kernel Have the Same RKHS

Lin Chen · Sheng Xu

Keywords: [ Singularity analysis ] [ Laplace kernel ] [ Reproducing kernel Hilbert space ] [ neural tangent kernel ]

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Wed 5 May 5 p.m. PDT — 7 p.m. PDT

Abstract: We prove that the reproducing kernel Hilbert spaces (RKHS) of a deep neural tangent kernel and the Laplace kernel include the same set of functions, when both kernels are restricted to the sphere $\mathbb{S}^{d-1}$. Additionally, we prove that the exponential power kernel with a smaller power (making the kernel less smooth) leads to a larger RKHS, when it is restricted to the sphere $\mathbb{S}^{d-1}$ and when it is defined on the entire $\mathbb{R}^d$.

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