Watch-And-Help: A Challenge for Social Perception and Human-AI Collaboration

Xavier Puig · Tianmin Shu · Shuang Li · Zilin Wang · Yuan-Hong Liao · Joshua B Tenenbaum · Sanja Fidler · Antonio Torralba


Keywords: [ virtual environment ] [ multi-agent platform ] [ theory of mind ] [ social perception ] [ human-AI collaboration ]


In this paper, we introduce Watch-And-Help (WAH), a challenge for testing social intelligence in agents. In WAH, an AI agent needs to help a human-like agent perform a complex household task efficiently. To succeed, the AI agent needs to i) understand the underlying goal of the task by watching a single demonstration of the human-like agent performing the same task (social perception), and ii) coordinate with the human-like agent to solve the task in an unseen environment as fast as possible (human-AI collaboration). For this challenge, we build VirtualHome-Social, a multi-agent household environment, and provide a benchmark including both planning and learning based baselines. We evaluate the performance of AI agents with the human-like agent as well as and with real humans using objective metrics and subjective user ratings. Experimental results demonstrate that our challenge and virtual environment enable a systematic evaluation on the important aspects of machine social intelligence at scale.

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