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Answering Complex Open-Domain Questions with Multi-Hop Dense Retrieval

Wenhan Xiong · Xiang Li · Srini Iyer · Jingfei Du · Patrick Lewis · William Yang Wang · Yashar Mehdad · Scott Yih · Sebastian Riedel · Douwe Kiela · Barlas Oguz

Keywords: [ multi-hop question answering ] [ recursive dense retrieval ] [ open domain complex question answering ]


We propose a simple and efficient multi-hop dense retrieval approach for answering complex open-domain questions, which achieves state-of-the-art performance on two multi-hop datasets, HotpotQA and multi-evidence FEVER. Contrary to previous work, our method does not require access to any corpus-specific information, such as inter-document hyperlinks or human-annotated entity markers, and can be applied to any unstructured text corpus. Our system also yields a much better efficiency-accuracy trade-off, matching the best published accuracy on HotpotQA while being 10 times faster at inference time.

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