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Group Equivariant Generative Adversarial Networks

Neel Dey · Antong Chen · Soheil Ghafurian

Keywords: [ geometric deep learning ] [ group equivariance ] [ generative adversarial networks ]


Recent improvements in generative adversarial visual synthesis incorporate real and fake image transformation in a self-supervised setting, leading to increased stability and perceptual fidelity. However, these approaches typically involve image augmentations via additional regularizers in the GAN objective and thus spend valuable network capacity towards approximating transformation equivariance instead of their desired task. In this work, we explicitly incorporate inductive symmetry priors into the network architectures via group-equivariant convolutional networks. Group-convolutions have higher expressive power with fewer samples and lead to better gradient feedback between generator and discriminator. We show that group-equivariance integrates seamlessly with recent techniques for GAN training across regularizers, architectures, and loss functions. We demonstrate the utility of our methods for conditional synthesis by improving generation in the limited data regime across symmetric imaging datasets and even find benefits for natural images with preferred orientation.

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