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Flowtron: an Autoregressive Flow-based Generative Network for Text-to-Speech Synthesis

Rafael Valle · Kevin J Shih · Ryan Prenger · Bryan Catanzaro


Keywords: [ Text to speech synthesis ] [ Normalizing flows ] [ deep learning ]


In this paper we propose Flowtron: an autoregressive flow-based generative network for text-to-speech synthesis with style transfer and speech variation. Flowtron borrows insights from Autoregressive Flows and revamps Tacotron 2 in order to provide high-quality and expressive mel-spectrogram synthesis. Flowtron is optimized by maximizing the likelihood of the training data, which makes training simple and stable. Flowtron learns an invertible mapping of data to a latent space that can be used to modulate many aspects of speech synthesis (timbre, expressivity, accent). Our mean opinion scores (MOS) show that Flowtron matches state-of-the-art TTS models in terms of speech quality. We provide results on speech variation, interpolation over time between samples and style transfer between seen and unseen speakers. Code and pre-trained models are publicly available at \href{}{}.

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