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SAFENet: A Secure, Accurate and Fast Neural Network Inference

Qian Lou · Yilin Shen · Hongxia Jin · Lei Jiang

Keywords: [ Garbled Circuits ] [ Hyper-Parameter Optimization ] [ Channel-Wise Approximated Activation ] [ Cryptographic inference ]

Abstract: The advances in neural networks have driven many companies to provide prediction services to users in a wide range of applications. However, current prediction systems raise privacy concerns regarding the user's private data. A cryptographic neural network inference service is an efficient way to allow two parties to execute neural network inference without revealing either party’s data or model. Nevertheless, existing cryptographic neural network inference services suffer from huge running latency; in particular, the latency of communication-expensive cryptographic activation function is 3 orders of magnitude higher than plaintext-domain activation function. And activations are the necessary components of the modern neural networks. Therefore, slow cryptographic activation has become the primary obstacle of efficient cryptographic inference. In this paper, we propose a new technique, called SAFENet, to enable a Secure, Accurate and Fast nEural Network inference service. To speedup secure inference and guarantee inference accuracy, SAFENet includes channel-wise activation approximation with multiple-degree options. This is implemented by keeping the most useful activation channels and replacing the remaining, less useful, channels with various-degree polynomials. SAFENet also supports mixed-precision activation approximation by automatically assigning different replacement ratios to various layer; further increasing the approximation ratio and reducing inference latency. Our experimental results show SAFENet obtains the state-of-the-art inference latency and performance, reducing latency by $38\% \sim 61\%$ or improving accuracy by $1.8\% \sim 4\%$ over prior techniques on various encrypted datasets.

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