Deconstructing the Regularization of BatchNorm

Yann Dauphin · Ekin Cubuk

Keywords: [ understanding neural networks ] [ batch normalization ] [ regularization ] [ deep learning ]

Abstract: Batch normalization (BatchNorm) has become a standard technique in deep learning. Its popularity is in no small part due to its often positive effect on generalization. Despite this success, the regularization effect of the technique is still poorly understood. This study aims to decompose BatchNorm into separate mechanisms that are much simpler. We identify three effects of BatchNorm and assess their impact directly with ablations and interventions. Our experiments show that preventing explosive growth at the final layer at initialization and during training can recover a large part of BatchNorm's generalization boost. This regularization mechanism can lift accuracy by $2.9\%$ for Resnet-50 on Imagenet without BatchNorm. We show it is linked to other methods like Dropout and recent initializations like Fixup. Surprisingly, this simple mechanism matches the improvement of $0.9\%$ of the more complex Dropout regularization for the state-of-the-art Efficientnet-B8 model on Imagenet. This demonstrates the underrated effectiveness of simple regularizations and sheds light on directions to further improve generalization for deep nets.

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