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Fri 7:06 Poster Spotlight "Width transfer: on the (in)variance of width optimization"
Ting-Wu Chin
Tue 17:00 Discovering Non-monotonic Autoregressive Orderings with Variational Inference
Xuanlin Li · Brandon Trabucco · Dong Huk Park · Michael Luo · Sheng Shen · trevor darrell · Yang Gao
Mon 9:00 Vector-output ReLU Neural Network Problems are Copositive Programs: Convex Analysis of Two Layer Networks and Polynomial-time Algorithms
Arda Sahiner · Tolga Ergen · John M Pauly · Mert Pilanci
Mon 17:00 Offline Model-Based Optimization via Normalized Maximum Likelihood Estimation
Justin Fu · Sergey Levine
Thu 17:00 Greedy-GQ with Variance Reduction: Finite-time Analysis and Improved Complexity
Shaocong Ma · Ziyi Chen · Yi Zhou · Shaofeng Zou
Wed 21:25 Regularization Matters in Policy Optimization - An Empirical Study on Continuous Control
Zhuang Liu · Xuanlin Li · Bingyi Kang · trevor darrell
Fri 14:10 Improving Exploration in Policy Gradient Search: Application to Symbolic Optimization
Tue 9:00 On the Theory of Implicit Deep Learning: Global Convergence with Implicit Layers
Kenji Kawaguchi
Tue 1:00 Sample-Efficient Automated Deep Reinforcement Learning
Jörg Franke · Gregor Koehler · André Biedenkapp · Frank Hutter
Fri 11:06 Smoothness Matrices Beat Smoothness Constants: Better Communication Compression Techniques for Distributed Optimization
Mher Safaryan · Filip Hanzely · Peter Richtarik
Wed 1:00 A Better Alternative to Error Feedback for Communication-Efficient Distributed Learning
Samuel Horváth · Peter Richtarik
Tue 9:00 Understanding Over-parameterization in Generative Adversarial Networks
Yogesh Balaji · Mohammadmahdi Sajedi · Neha Kalibhat · Mucong Ding · Dominik Stöger · Mahdi Soltanolkotabi · Soheil Feizi