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Tue 9:00 On the Theory of Implicit Deep Learning: Global Convergence with Implicit Layers
Kenji Kawaguchi
Tue 1:00 Large-width functional asymptotics for deep Gaussian neural networks
Daniele Bracale · Stefano Favaro · Sandra Fortini · Stefano Peluchetti
Tue 9:00 Provable Rich Observation Reinforcement Learning with Combinatorial Latent States
Dipendra Misra · Qinghua Liu · Chi Jin · John Langford
Wed 17:00 Estimating informativeness of samples with Smooth Unique Information
Hrayr Harutyunyan · Alessandro Achille · Giovanni Paolini · Orchid Majumder · Avinash Ravichandran · Rahul Bhotika · Stefano Soatto
Thu 9:00 Heating up decision boundaries: isocapacitory saturation, adversarial scenarios and generalization bounds
Bogdan Georgiev · Lukas Franken · Mayukh Mukherjee
Wed 17:00 In-N-Out: Pre-Training and Self-Training using Auxiliary Information for Out-of-Distribution Robustness
Sang Michael Xie · Ananya Kumar · Robbie Jones · Fereshte Khani · Tengyu Ma · Percy Liang
Mon 9:00 Vector-output ReLU Neural Network Problems are Copositive Programs: Convex Analysis of Two Layer Networks and Polynomial-time Algorithms
Arda Sahiner · Tolga Ergen · John M Pauly · Mert Pilanci
Tue 9:00 Distance-Based Regularisation of Deep Networks for Fine-Tuning
Henry Gouk · Timothy Hospedales · massimiliano pontil
Tue 9:00 Uncertainty Estimation in Autoregressive Structured Prediction
Andrey Malinin · Mark Gales
Thu 1:00 Go with the flow: Adaptive control for Neural ODEs
Mathieu Chalvidal · Matthew Ricci · Rufin VanRullen · Thomas Serre
Tue 17:00 Gradient Descent on Neural Networks Typically Occurs at the Edge of Stability
Jeremy Cohen · Simran Kaur · Yuanzhi Li · Zico Kolter · Ameet Talwalkar
Fri 3:30 Neural Compression: From Information Theory to Applications
Stephan Mandt · Robert Bamler · Yingzhen Li · Christopher Schroers · Yang Yang · Max Welling · Taco Cohen