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Latinx in AI (LXAI) Social @ ICLR 2021 (#2)

Laura Montoya, Maria Luisa Santiago, Dennis Núñez Fernández, Javier Turek, Sara Iris Garcia


This LatinX in AI (LXAI) social is aimed at LatinX individuals working on or interested in AI with a goal to increase the visibility of researchers of LatinX origin. Those already working in AI will have the opportunity to connect with fellow LatinX and make their own work known, while those new to the field will benefit from the scientific exchange, guidance, and advice of researchers with their same background. Participants will be able to engage in discussions about AI (formal and informal) and to share their thoughts on how to increase the presence of LatinX in AI.

During this social, we’ll feature invited talks from prominent LatinX in AI community members and host roundtable discussions facilitating conversations among attendees.

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