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Social AI Virtual Gathering

Tianmin Shu, Xavier Puig


Social intelligence, the ability to understand other agents’ mental states, and interact with them, is at the core of human and machine intelligence. There has been an accelerating interest in machine social intelligence, or Social AI. However, as an emerging field, there has been little formal discussion on the challenges and advances in engineering machine social intelligence. This virtual gathering aims to provide an opportunity for people (both beginners and experts) to connect with one another, learn more about the advances in the field, and discuss scientific questions about the field. To this end, we have invited four amazing speakers, Natasha Jaques (Google Research, UC Berkeley), Dylan Hadfield-menell (UC Berkeley), Alex Trott (Salesforce Research), and Shari Liu (MIT), who will give exciting talks about social RL, value alignment, AI for economics, and the origins of human social intelligence. We will also host open discussion sessions that welcome different opinions. See our website for the schedule:

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