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Roundtable Chatroom @ ICLR

Ronald Clark, Shuyu Lin


Roundtable Chatroom is designed to maximize the opportunity for ML researchers and practitioners to meet and chat with each other. This idea is inspired by the roundtable discussions (back in the physical conference era), where a table of participants engage with a discussion on a specific topic for around 10min and then move on to the next table for a discussion of another topic. By the end of the event, people have engaged in multiple interesting conversations and some valuable friendships will have begun.

We want to reproduce a similar experience online using Zoom’s breakout room feature to simulate different ‘roundtables’. To elevate the experience and ensure quality of discussion, we have also invited a list of mentors, who will host the discussion of various topics. The selected topics will cover a wide range of important issues to the ML community, including managing negative feedback, doing a start-up or not, what makes a paper go viral, how to maintain a good relationship with your supervisor etc.

Everybody is welcome to join but we do require sign-ups so we know how many people to expect. Please do so here by 5pm BST Thursday May 6: (

Chat is not available.