ICLR 2021
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The Role of Mathematical Reasoning in General Artificial Intelligence

Yuhuai Wu · Kshitij Bansal · Wenda Li · Melanie Mitchell · David McAllester · John Harrison

Fri 7 May, 5:55 a.m. PDT

In this workshop, we focus on a particular kind of reasoning ability, namely, mathematical reasoning. Advanced mathematical reasoning is unique in human intelligence, and it is also a fundamental building block for many intellectual pursuits and scientific developments. We believe that addressing this problem has the potential to shed light on a path towards general reasoning mechanisms, and hence general artificial intelligence. Therefore, we would like to bring together a group of experts from various backgrounds to discuss the role of mathematical reasoning ability towards the path of demonstrating general artificial intelligence. In addition, we hope to identify missing elements and major bottlenecks towards demonstrating mathematical reasoning ability in AI systems.

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