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Invited Talk - Overflow Room 3

Stories from my life

Halle A 7
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Wed 8 May 11:30 p.m. PDT — 12:30 a.m. PDT


This is going to be an unusual AI conference keynote talk. When we talk about why the technological landscape is the way it is, we talk a lot about the macro shifts – the internet, the data, the compute. We don’t talk about the micro threads, the individual human stories as much, even though it is these individual human threads that cumulatively lead to the macro phenomenon. We should talk about these stories more! So that we can learn from each other, inspire each other. So we can be more robust; more effective in our endeavors. By strengthening our individual threads and our connections, we can weave a stronger fabric together. This talk is about some of my stories from my 20-year journey so far – about following up on all threads, about learnt reward functions, about fleeting opportunities, about multidimensional impact landscapes, and about curiosity for new experiences. It might seem narcissistic, but hopefully it will also feel authentic and vulnerable. And hopefully you will get something out of it.

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