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Adapting to Distribution Shift by Visual Domain Prompt Generation

Zhixiang Chi · Li Gu · Tao Zhong · Huan Liu · YUANHAO YU · Konstantinos Plataniotis · Yang Wang

Halle B #113
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Thu 9 May 7:30 a.m. PDT — 9:30 a.m. PDT


In this paper, we aim to adapt a model at test-time using a few unlabeled data to address distribution shifts. To tackle the challenges of extracting domain knowledge from a limited amount of data, it is crucial to utilize correlated information from pre-trained backbones and source domains. Previous studies fail to utilize recent foundation models with strong out-of-distribution generalization. Additionally, domain-centric designs are not flavored in their works. Furthermore, they employ the process of modelling source domains and the process of learning to adapt independently into disjoint training stages. In this work, we propose an approach on top of the pre-computed features of the foundation model. Specifically, we build a knowledge bank to learn the transferable knowledge from source domains. Conditioned on few-shot target data, we introduce a domain prompt generator to condense the knowledge bank into a domain-specific prompt. The domain prompt then directs the visual features towards a particular domain via a guidance module. Moreover, we propose a domain-aware contrastive loss and employ meta-learning to facilitate domain knowledge extraction. Extensive experiments are conducted to validate the domain knowledge extraction. The proposed method outperforms previous work on 5 large-scale benchmarks including WILDS and DomainNet.

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