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GPAvatar: Generalizable and Precise Head Avatar from Image(s)

Xuangeng Chu · Yu Li · Ailing Zeng · Tianyu Yang · Lijian Lin · Yunfei Liu · Tatsuya Harada

Halle B #26
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Wed 8 May 1:45 a.m. PDT — 3:45 a.m. PDT


Head avatar reconstruction, crucial for applications in virtual reality, online meetings, gaming, and film industries, has garnered substantial attention within the computer vision community. The fundamental objective of this field is to faithfully recreate the head avatar and precisely control expressions and postures. Existing methods, categorized into 2D-based warping, mesh-based, and neural rendering approaches, present challenges in maintaining multi-view consistency, incorporating non-facial information, and generalizing to new identities. In this paper, we propose a framework named GPAvatar that reconstructs 3D head avatars from one or several images in a single forward pass. The key idea of this work is to introduce a dynamic point-based expression field driven by a point cloud to precisely and effectively capture expressions. Furthermore, we use a Multi Tri-planes Attention (MTA) fusion module in tri-planes canonical field to leverage information from multiple input images. The proposed method achieves faithful identity reconstruction, precise expression control, and multi-view consistency, demonstrating promising results for free-viewpoint rendering and novel view synthesis.

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