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Diffusion in Diffusion: Cyclic One-Way Diffusion for Text-Vision-Conditioned Generation

Ruoyu Wang · Yongqi Yang · Zhihao Qian · Ye Zhu · Yu Wu

Halle B #24
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Wed 8 May 1:45 a.m. PDT — 3:45 a.m. PDT


Originating from the diffusion phenomenon in physics that describes particle movement, the diffusion generative models inherit the characteristics of stochastic random walk in the data space along the denoising trajectory. However, the intrinsic mutual interference among image regions contradicts the need for practical downstream application scenarios where the preservation of low-level pixel information from given conditioning is desired (e.g., customization tasks like personalized generation and inpainting based on a user-provided single image). In this work, we investigate the diffusion (physics) in diffusion (machine learning) properties and propose our Cyclic One-Way Diffusion (COW) method to control the direction of diffusion phenomenon given a pre-trained frozen diffusion model for versatile customization application scenarios, where the low-level pixel information from the conditioning needs to be preserved. Notably, unlike most current methods that incorporate additional conditions by fine-tuning the base text-to-image diffusion model or learning auxiliary networks, our method provides a novel perspective to understand the task needs and is applicable to a wider range of customization scenarios in a learning-free manner. Extensive experiment results show that our proposed COW can achieve more flexible customization based on strict visual conditions in different application settings. Project page:

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