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Label-Focused Inductive Bias over Latent Object Features in Visual Classification

Ilmin Kang · HyounYoung Bae · Kangil Kim

Halle B #216
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Tue 7 May 7:30 a.m. PDT — 9:30 a.m. PDT


Most neural networks for classification primarily learn features differentiated by input-domain related information such as visual similarity of objects in an image. While this focus is natural behavior, it can inadvertently introduce an inductive bias that conflicts with unseen relations in an implicit output-domain determined by human labeling based on their own world knowledge. Such conflicts can limit generalization of models by potential dominance of the input-domain focused bias in inference.To overcome this limitation without external resources, we introduce Output-Domain focused Biasing (ODB) training strategy that constructs inductive biases on features differentiated by only output labels. It has four steps: 1) it learns intermediate latent object features in an unsupervised manner; 2) it decouples their visual dependencies by assigning new independent embedding parameters; 3) it captures structured features optimized for the original classification task; and 4) it integrates the structured features with the original visual features for the final prediction.We implement the ODB on a vision transformer architecture, and achieved significant improvements on image classification benchmarks. This paper offers a straightforward and effective method to obtain and utilize output-domain focused inductive bias for classification mapping two different domains.

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