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Neur2RO: Neural Two-Stage Robust Optimization

Justin Dumouchelle · Esther Julien · Jannis Kurtz · Elias Khalil

Halle B #153
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Thu 9 May 1:45 a.m. PDT — 3:45 a.m. PDT

Abstract: Robust optimization provides a mathematical framework for modeling and solving decision-making problems under worst-case uncertainty. This work addresses two-stage robust optimization (2RO) problems (also called *adjustable robust optimization*), wherein first-stage and second-stage decisions are made before and after uncertainty is realized, respectively. This results in a nested min-max-min optimization problem which is extremely challenging computationally, especially when the decisions are discrete. We propose Neur2RO, an efficient machine learning-driven instantiation of column-and-constraint generation (CCG), a classical iterative algorithm for 2RO. Specifically, we learn to estimate the value function of the second-stage problem via a novel neural network architecture that is easy to optimize over by design. Embedding our neural network into CCG yields high-quality solutions quickly as evidenced by experiments on two 2RO benchmarks, knapsack and capital budgeting. For knapsack, Neur2RO finds solutions that are within roughly $2$% of the best-known values in a few seconds compared to the three hours of the state-of-the-art exact branch-and-price algorithm; for larger and more complex instances, Neur2RO finds even better solutions. For capital budgeting, Neur2RO outperforms three variants of the $k$-adaptability algorithm, particularly on the largest instances, with a $10$ to $100$-fold reduction in solution time. Our code and data are available at

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