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3D Reconstruction with Generalizable Neural Fields using Scene Priors

Yang Fu · Shalini De Mello · Xueting Li · Amey Kulkarni · Jan Kautz · Xiaolong Wang · Sifei Liu

Halle B #16
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Thu 9 May 1:45 a.m. PDT — 3:45 a.m. PDT


High-fidelity 3D scene reconstruction has been substantially advanced by recent progress in neural fields. However, most existing methods train a separate network from scratch for each individual scene. This is not scalable, inefficient, and unable to yield good results given limited views. While learning-based multi-view stereo methods alleviate this issue to some extent, their multi-view setting makes it less flexible to scale up and to broad applications. Instead, we introduce training generalizable Neural Fields incorporating scene Priors (NFPs). The NFP network maps any single-view RGB-D image into signed distance and radiance values. A complete scene can be reconstructed by merging individual frames in the volumetric space WITHOUT a fusion module, which provides better flexibility. The scene priors can be trained on large-scale datasets, allowing for fast adaptation to the reconstruction of a new scene with fewer views. NFP not only demonstrates SOTA scene reconstruction performance and efficiency, but it also supports single-image novel-view synthesis, which is under-explored in neural fields. More qualitative results are available at:

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