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PromptTTS 2: Describing and Generating Voices with Text Prompt

Yichong Leng · ZHifang Guo · Kai Shen · Zeqian Ju · Xu Tan · Eric Liu · Yufei Liu · Dongchao Yang · leying zhang · Kaitao Song · Lei He · Xiangyang Li · sheng zhao · Tao Qin · Jiang Bian

Halle B #76
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Wed 8 May 1:45 a.m. PDT — 3:45 a.m. PDT


Speech conveys more information than text, as the same word can be uttered in various voices to convey diverse information. Compared to traditional text-to-speech (TTS) methods relying on speech prompts (reference speech) for voice variability, using text prompts (descriptions) is more user-friendly since speech prompts can be hard to find or may not exist at all. TTS approaches based on the text prompt face two main challenges: 1) the one-to-many problem, where not all details about voice variability can be described in the text prompt, and 2) the limited availability of text prompt datasets, where vendors and large cost of data labeling are required to write text prompts for speech. In this work, we introduce PromptTTS 2 to address these challenges with a variation network to provide variability information of voice not captured by text prompts, and a prompt generation pipeline to utilize the large language models (LLM) to compose high quality text prompts. Specifically, the variation network predicts the representation extracted from the reference speech (which contains full information about voice variability) based on the text prompt representation. For the prompt generation pipeline, it generates text prompts for speech with a speech language understanding model to recognize voice attributes (e.g., gender, speed) from speech and a large language model to formulate text prompts based on the recognition results. Experiments on a large-scale (44K hours) speech dataset demonstrate that compared to the previous works, PromptTTS 2 generates voices more consistent with text prompts and supports the sampling of diverse voice variability, thereby offering users more choices on voice generation. Additionally, the prompt generation pipeline produces high-quality text prompts, eliminating the large labeling cost. The demo page of PromptTTS 2 is available (

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