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SEABO: A Simple Search-Based Method for Offline Imitation Learning

Jiafei Lyu · Xiaoteng Ma · Le Wan · Runze Liu · Xiu Li · Zongqing Lu

Halle B #242
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Tue 7 May 7:30 a.m. PDT — 9:30 a.m. PDT


Offline reinforcement learning (RL) has attracted much attention due to its ability in learning from static offline datasets and eliminating the need of interacting with the environment. Nevertheless, the success of offline RL relies heavily on the offline transitions annotated with reward labels. In practice, we often need to hand-craft the reward function, which is sometimes difficult, labor-intensive, or inefficient. To tackle this challenge, we set our focus on the offline imitation learning (IL) setting, and aim at getting a reward function based on the expert data and unlabeled data. To that end, we propose a simple yet effective search-based offline IL method, tagged SEABO. SEABO allocates a larger reward to the transition that is close to its closest neighbor in the expert demonstration, and a smaller reward otherwise, all in an unsupervised learning manner. Experimental results on a variety of D4RL datasets indicate that SEABO can achieve competitive performance to offline RL algorithms with ground-truth rewards, given only a single expert trajectory, and can outperform prior reward learning and offline IL methods across many tasks. Moreover, we demonstrate that SEABO also works well if the expert demonstrations contain only observations. Our code is publicly available at

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