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Robot Fleet Learning via Policy Merging

Lirui Wang · Kaiqing Zhang · Allan Zhou · Max Simchowitz · Russ Tedrake

Halle B #33
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Wed 8 May 7:30 a.m. PDT — 9:30 a.m. PDT


Fleets of robots ingest massive amounts of heterogeneous streaming data silos generated by interacting with their environments, far more than what can be stored or transmitted with ease. At the same time, teams of robots should co-acquire diverse skills through their heterogeneous experiences in varied settings. How can we enable such fleet-level learning without having to transmit or centralize fleet-scale data? In this paper, we investigate policy merging (PoMe) from such distributed heterogeneous datasets as a potential solution. To efficiently merge policies in the fleet setting, we propose FLEET-MERGE, an instantiation of distributed learning that accounts for the permutation invariance that arises when parameterizing the control policies with recurrent neural networks. We show that FLEET-MERGE consolidates the behavior of policies trained on 50 tasks in the Meta-World environment, with good performance on nearly all training tasks at test time. Moreover, we introduce a novel robotic tool-use benchmark, FLEET-TOOLS, for fleet policy learning in compositional and contact-rich robot manipulation tasks, to validate the efficacy of FLEET-MERGE on the benchmark.

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