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Few-shot Hybrid Domain Adaptation of Image Generator

Hengjia Li · Yang Liu · Linxuan Xia · Yuqi Lin · Wenxiao Wang · Tu Zheng · Zheng Yang · Xiaohui Zhong · Xiaobo Ren · Xiaofei He

Halle B #36
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Tue 7 May 7:30 a.m. PDT — 9:30 a.m. PDT

Abstract: Can a pre-trained generator be adapted to the hybrid of multiple target domains and generate images with integrated attributes of them? In this work, we introduce a new task -- Few-shot $\textit{Hybrid Domain Adaptation}$ (HDA). Given a source generator and several target domains, HDA aims to acquire an adapted generator that preserves the integrated attributes of all target domains, without overriding the source domain's characteristics. Compared with $\textit{Domain Adaptation}$ (DA), HDA offers greater flexibility and versatility to adapt generators to more composite and expansive domains. Simultaneously, HDA also presents more challenges than DA as we have access only to images from individual target domains and lack authentic images from the hybrid domain. To address this issue, we introduce a discriminator-free framework that directly encodes different domains' images into well-separable subspaces. To achieve HDA, we propose a novel directional subspace loss comprised of a distance loss and a direction loss. Concretely, the distance loss blends the attributes of all target domains by reducing the distances from generated images to all target subspaces. The direction loss preserves the characteristics from the source domain by guiding the adaptation along the perpendicular to subspaces. Experiments show that our method can obtain numerous domain-specific attributes in a single adapted generator, which surpasses the baseline methods in semantic similarity, image fidelity, and cross-domain consistency.

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