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Personalize Segment Anything Model with One Shot

Renrui Zhang · Zhengkai Jiang · Ziyu Guo · Shilin Yan · Junting Pan · Hao Dong · Yu Qiao · Gao Peng · Hongsheng Li

Halle B #236
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Thu 9 May 1:45 a.m. PDT — 3:45 a.m. PDT


Driven by large-data pre-training, Segment Anything Model (SAM) has been demonstrated as a powerful promptable framework, revolutionizing the segmentation field. Despite the generality, customizing SAM for specific visual concepts without man-powered prompting is under-explored, e.g., automatically segmenting your pet dog in numerous images. In this paper, we introduce a training-free Personalization approach for SAM, termed PerSAM. Given only one-shot data, i.e., a single image with a reference mask, we first obtain a positive-negative location prior for the target concept in new images. Then, aided by target visual semantics, we empower SAM for personalized object segmentation via two proposed techniques: target-guided attention and target-semantic prompting. In this way, we can effectively customize the general-purpose SAM for private use without any training. To further alleviate the ambiguity of segmentation scales, we present an efficient one-shot fine-tuning variant, PerSAM-F. Freezing the entire SAM, we introduce a scale-aware fine-tuning to aggregate multi-scale masks, which only tunes 2 parameters within 10 seconds for improved performance. To demonstrate our efficacy, we construct a new dataset, PerSeg, for the evaluation of personalized object segmentation, and also test our methods on various one-shot image and video segmentation benchmarks. Besides, we propose to leverage PerSAM to improve DreamBooth for personalized text-to-image synthesis. By mitigating the disturbance of training-set backgrounds, our approach showcases better target appearance generation and higher fidelity to the input text prompt. Code is released at

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