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T-Rep: Representation Learning for Time Series using Time-Embeddings

Archibald Fraikin · Adrien Bennetot · Stephanie Allassonniere

Halle B #112
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Thu 9 May 1:45 a.m. PDT — 3:45 a.m. PDT


Multivariate time series present challenges to standard machine learning techniques, as they are often unlabeled, high dimensional, noisy, and contain missing data. To address this, we propose T-Rep, a self-supervised method to learn time series representations at a timestep granularity. T-Rep learns vector embeddings of time alongside its feature extractor, to extract temporal features such as trend, periodicity, or distribution shifts from the signal. These time-embeddings are leveraged in pretext tasks, to incorporate smooth and fine-grained temporal dependencies in the representations, as well as reinforce robustness to missing data. We evaluate T-Rep on downstream classification, forecasting, and anomaly detection tasks. It is compared to existing self-supervised algorithms for time series, which it outperforms in all three tasks. We test T-Rep in missing data regimes, where it proves more resilient than its counterparts. Finally, we provide latent space visualisation experiments, highlighting the interpretability of the learned representations.

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