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Tue 17:00 Attentional Constellation Nets for Few-Shot Learning
Weijian Xu · Yifan Xu · Huaijin Wang · Zhuowen Tu
Wed 1:00 IEPT: Instance-Level and Episode-Level Pretext Tasks for Few-Shot Learning
Manli Zhang · Jianhong Zhang · Zhiwu Lu · Tao Xiang · Mingyu Ding · Songfang Huang
Tue 1:00 A Universal Representation Transformer Layer for Few-Shot Image Classification
Lu Liu · William Hamilton · Guodong Long · Jing Jiang · Hugo Larochelle
Thu 9:00 Bayesian Few-Shot Classification with One-vs-Each PĆ³lya-Gamma Augmented Gaussian Processes
Jake Snell · Richard Zemel
Fri 9:32 Contributed Talk: Few-shot learning via tensor hallucination
Michalis Lazarou
Mon 19:45 Structured Prediction as Translation between Augmented Natural Languages
Giovanni Paolini · Ben Athiwaratkun · Jason Krone · Jie Ma · Alessandro Achille · RISHITA ANUBHAI · Cicero Nogueira dos Santos · Bing Xiang · Stefano Soatto
Fri 7:00 Marinka Zitnik: Few-Shot Learning for Network Biology
Marinka Zitnik
Mon 9:00 Disentangling 3D Prototypical Networks for Few-Shot Concept Learning
Mihir Prabhudesai · Shamit Lal · Darshan Patil · Hsiao-Yu Tung · Adam Harley · Katerina Fragkiadaki
Tue 17:00 Concept Learners for Few-Shot Learning
Kaidi Cao · Maria Brbic · Jure Leskovec
Tue 9:00 Supervised Contrastive Learning for Pre-trained Language Model Fine-tuning
Beliz Gunel · Jingfei Du · Alexis Conneau · Veselin Stoyanov
Thu 13:15 Self-training For Few-shot Transfer Across Extreme Task Differences
Cheng Perng Phoo · Bharath Hariharan
Mon 1:00 MELR: Meta-Learning via Modeling Episode-Level Relationships for Few-Shot Learning
Nanyi Fei · Zhiwu Lu · Tao Xiang · Songfang Huang