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Fri 7:00 Generalization beyond the training distribution in brains and machines
Christina Funke · Judith Borowski · Drew Linsley · Xavier Boix
Mon 17:00 Optimal Regularization can Mitigate Double Descent
Preetum Nakkiran · Prayaag Venkat · Sham M Kakade · Tengyu Ma
Thu 1:00 CausalWorld: A Robotic Manipulation Benchmark for Causal Structure and Transfer Learning
Ossama Ahmed · Frederik Träuble · Anirudh Goyal · Alexander Neitz · Manuel Wuthrich · Yoshua Bengio · Bernhard Schoelkopf · Stefan Bauer
Mon 17:00 The Deep Bootstrap Framework: Good Online Learners are Good Offline Generalizers
Preetum Nakkiran · Behnam Neyshabur · Hanie Sedghi
Wed 9:00 For self-supervised learning, Rationality implies generalization, provably
Yamini Bansal · Gal Kaplun · Boaz Barak
Wed 1:00 Removing Undesirable Feature Contributions Using Out-of-Distribution Data
Saehyung Lee · Changhwa Park · Hyungyu Lee · Jihun Yi · Jonghyun Lee · Sungroh Yoon
Thu 9:00 Contrastive Behavioral Similarity Embeddings for Generalization in Reinforcement Learning
Rishabh Agarwal · Marlos C. Machado · Pablo Samuel Castro · Marc G Bellemare
Thu 17:00 How Much Over-parameterization Is Sufficient to Learn Deep ReLU Networks?
Zixiang Chen · Yuan Cao · Difan Zou · Quanquan Gu
Mon 9:00 Understanding the failure modes of out-of-distribution generalization
Vaishnavh Nagarajan · Anders J Andreassen · Behnam Neyshabur
Tue 9:00 Rank the Episodes: A Simple Approach for Exploration in Procedurally-Generated Environments
Daochen Zha · Wenye Ma · Lei Yuan · Xia Hu · Ji Liu
Wed 9:00 Ask Your Humans: Using Human Instructions to Improve Generalization in Reinforcement Learning
Valerie Chen · Abhinav Gupta · Kenneth Marino
Mon 17:00 Tilted Empirical Risk Minimization
Tian Li · Ahmad Beirami · Maziar Sanjabi · Virginia Smith