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Accurate Retraining-free Pruning for Pretrained Encoder-based Language Models

Seungcheol Park · Hojun Choi · U Kang

Halle B #136
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Wed 8 May 7:30 a.m. PDT — 9:30 a.m. PDT


Given a pretrained encoder-based language model, how can we accurately compress it without retraining? Retraining-free structured pruning algorithms are crucial in pretrained language model compression due to their significantly reduced pruning cost and capability to prune large language models. However, existing retraining-free algorithms encounter severe accuracy degradation, as they fail to handle pruning errors, especially at high compression rates. In this paper, we propose KPrune (Knowledge-preserving pruning), an accurate retraining-free structured pruning algorithm for pretrained encoder-based language models.KPrune focuses on preserving the useful knowledge of the pretrained model to minimize pruning errors through a carefully designed iterative pruning process composed of knowledge measurement, knowledge-preserving mask search, and knowledge-preserving weight-tuning. As a result, KPrune shows significant accuracy improvements up to 58.02%p higher F1 score compared to existing retraining-free pruning algorithms under a high compression rate of 80% on the SQuAD benchmark without any retraining process.

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