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ICLR 2022 Call for Blog Posts


Submission deadline: January 14th

Notification of acceptance: March 25th

Submission instructions can be found on our official blog:

This year, the ICLR 2022 main conference will host a blog post track. We invite both academic and industrial researchers to submit their posts on a previously published paper at ICLR. We particularly welcome submissions on papers that appeared last year at ICLR.

Goals of ICLR Blog Posts

Blog posts provide an opportunity to informally discuss scientific ideas. They offer substantial value to the scientific community by providing a flexible platform to foster open, human, and transparent discussions about new insights or limitations of a scientific publication.

Our goal is to create a formal call for blog posts at ICLR to incentivize and reward researchers to review past work and summarize the outcomes, develop new intuitions, or highlight some shortcomings. A very influential initiative of this kind happened after the second world war in France. Because of the lack of up-to-date textbooks, a collective of mathematicians under the pseudonym Nicolas Bourbaki [Halmos, 1957], decided to start a series of textbooks [Bourbaki, 1939] about the foundations of mathematics. In the same vein, we aim at providing a new way to summarize scientific knowledge in the ML community.

Submission instructions

Guidelines: The blog post may provide high-level commentaries, historical perspectives, methodological recommendations, technical commentaries, and philosophical questioning. Authors are welcome to present their opinions so long as they discuss the techniques, results, or philosophies presented in the paper. It should not be a review or provide a value judgment on the paper. An example will be provided at a later time. All blog posts must be written in English. You may use the plainer tone used in blog posts instead of the typical verbiage used in scientific articles and conference papers. There are no explicit word or character limits: authors are free to express their ideas as they see fit, but they should strive to be as clear and concise as possible. We may reject blog posts of inappropriate size and scope, the requirements of which may vary based on the nature of the work discussed.

Feedback from the authors: The authors will have the chance to give their feedback on the blog posts synchronously with the reviews (they will be able to post comments on openreview) but they won't be the official reviewers. This will help to avoid cases where, for example, the blog post authors missed something that is already explained by the article’s authors (e.g., in the appendix), or cases where the blog post authors’ arguments can be easily refuted by the article’s authors.

Avoidance of conflicts of interest: the authors of the blog posts will have to declare they have no (positive nor negative) conflicts of interest with the paper (and their authors) they write about. In particular conflicts of interest include:

  • Recent collaborators (less than 3 years)
  • Current institution.

Doubly Anonymous Reviewing: besides assessing originality, quality, clarity, and significance, the committee will make sure that the blog posts are fair with the papers (neither unfairly positive or negative about the paper). Submissions revealing the blog post authors’ identities will be automatically rejected. We also ask you to omit acknowledgments in your submission.

Style files and Templates: Instructions and template provided [here]

Submission Instruction: Submissions will be handled electronically via openreview (a link will be provided at a late time). You will be asked to create an openreview account if you do not already have one. To create a new submission, click on ‘Create new submission’ and respond to the questions.

Submission deadline: January 14, 2022

Notification of acceptance: March 25, 2022

*If you face severe difficulties meeting this deadline, please contact us before the deadline.

All selected works will be hosted by the ICLR website and will be considered as proceedings of the blog post ICLR track. Accepted Blogpost shall be cited as:

For attribution in academic contexts, please cite this work as

Bubeck, et al., "Blog Posts as Conference Contributions", ICLR Blog Track, 2022.

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Collaborative review

For each blog post submitted, the principal contact associated with the submission is asked to register to a pool of reviewers that the committee could use in case of a too large number of submissions.

The Blog Post Chairs

Sebastien Bubeck, David Dobre, Charlie Gauthier, Gauthier Gidel, and Claire Vernade