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Summarizing Societies: Agent Abstraction in Multi-Agent Reinforcement Learning

Efficiently Evolving Swarm Behaviors Using Grammatical Evolution With PPA-style Behavior Trees

Toward Evolutionary Autocurricula: Emergent Sociality from Inclusive Rewards

Continual Learning with Deep Artificial Neurons

Local Learning with Neuron Groups

Know Thy Student: Interactive Learning with Gaussian Processes

Goal-Guided Neural Cellular Automata: Learning to Control Self-Organising Systems

Designing Neural Network Collectives

Open-Ended Evolution as an Emergent Self-Organizing Search Process

HyperNCA: Growing Developmental Networks with Neural Cellular Automata

Non-linear dynamics of collective learning in uncertain environments

Collective control of modular soft robots via embodied Spiking Neural Cellular Automata

A Unified Substrate for Body-Brain Co-evolution

Learning to Share in Multi-Agent Reinforcement Learning

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