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Mon 18:30 MoReL: Multi-omics Relational Learning
Arman Hasanzadeh · Ehsan Hajiramezanali · Nick Duffield · Xiaoning Qian
Thu 18:30 Sparse DETR: Efficient End-to-End Object Detection with Learnable Sparsity
Byungseok Roh · JaeWoong Shin · Wuhyun Shin · Saehoon Kim
Wed 10:30 Long Expressive Memory for Sequence Modeling
T. Konstantin Rusch · Siddhartha Mishra · N. Benjamin Erichson · Michael W Mahoney
Thu 10:30 Increasing the Cost of Model Extraction with Calibrated Proof of Work
Adam Dziedzic · Muhammad Ahmad Kaleem · Yu Shen Lu · Nicolas Papernot
Tue 10:30 Cross-Trajectory Representation Learning for Zero-Shot Generalization in RL
Bogdan Mazoure · Ahmed Ahmed · R Devon Hjelm · Andrey Kolobov · Patrick MacAlpine
Tue 18:30 How Well Does Self-Supervised Pre-Training Perform with Streaming Data?
Dapeng Hu · Shipeng Yan · Qizhengqiu Lu · Lanqing HONG · Hailin Hu · Yifan Zhang · Zhenguo Li · Xinchao Wang · Jiashi Feng
Tue 1:45 The Hidden Convex Optimization Landscape of Regularized Two-Layer ReLU Networks: an Exact Characterization of Optimal Solutions
Yifei Wang · Jonathan Lacotte · Mert Pilanci
Mon 10:30 Multiset-Equivariant Set Prediction with Approximate Implicit Differentiation
Yan Zhang · David Zhang · Simon Lacoste-Julien · Gertjan J Burghouts · Cees G Snoek
Mon 2:30 Hybrid Local SGD for Federated Learning with Heterogeneous Communications
Yuanxiong Guo · Ying Sun · Rui Hu · Yanmin Gong
Thu 18:30 Improving the Accuracy of Learning Example Weights for Imbalance Classification
Yuqi Liu · Bin Cao · JING FAN
Thu 10:30 Unified Visual Transformer Compression
Shixing Yu · Tianlong Chen · Jiayi Shen · Huan Yuan · Jianchao Tan · Sen Yang · Ji Liu · Zhangyang Wang
Wed 2:30 How to Train Your MAML to Excel in Few-Shot Classification
Han-Jia Ye · Wei-Lun Chao