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Wed 2:30 Distributionally Robust Fair Principal Components via Geodesic Descents
Hieu Vu · Toan Tran · Man-Chung Yue · Viet Anh Nguyen
Wed 18:30 How to Robustify Black-Box ML Models? A Zeroth-Order Optimization Perspective
Yimeng Zhang · Yuguang Yao · Jinghan Jia · Jinfeng Yi · Mingyi Hong · Shiyu Chang · Sijia Liu
Tue 2:30 Learning the Dynamics of Physical Systems from Sparse Observations with Finite Element Networks
Marten Lienen · Stephan Günnemann
Mon 18:30 Ancestral protein sequence reconstruction using a tree-structured Ornstein-Uhlenbeck variational autoencoder
Lys Sanz Moreta · Ola Rønning · Ahmad Salim Al-Sibahi · Jotun Hein · Douglas Theobald · Thomas Hamelryck
Wed 10:30 The Efficiency Misnomer
Mostafa Dehghani · Yi Tay · Anurag Arnab · Lucas Beyer · Ashish Vaswani
Mon 2:30 The Role of Permutation Invariance in Linear Mode Connectivity of Neural Networks
Rahim Entezari · Hanie Sedghi · Olga Saukh · Behnam Neyshabur
Tue 13:00 How to Negotiate Industry Offers in AI
Nicole Bannon · Brian Liou
Wed 12:00 ICLR selected paper discussion with Data Skeptic & PyData
Thu 12:00 Better Developing Pretraining-based Models and Beyond
Yiyuan Li · Chenghao Yang
Mon 20:00 Optimization in ML and DL - A discussion on theory and practice
Indrapriyadarsini Sendilkkumaar
Tue 15:00 Lapsed Physicists Wine-and-Cheese
Jennifer Hobbs · Sujoy Ganguly
Mon 4:00 Facilitating a smoother transition to Renewable Energy with AI (AI4Renewables)
Joyjit Chatterjee · Nina Dethlefs